Chafing dish fuel – bottle 1l


Chafing dish fuel – bottle 1l

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Burning gel is made of natural (bio) ethanol alcohol, mixed with water and a thickening agent to make it a solid or gel. Hendi burning gel is artificially made to taste so bitter that it is impossible to swallow. To safely and efficiently heat e.g. chafing dishes, we urgently advise burning gel to be used in special fuel holders.
Hendi offers most common variants of burning gel. The heating capacity is equal through the range while the heating rate is dependent upon the size of the flame, determined by how far open the lid of the fuel holder is kept.
“Blaze” brand has a shorter, more intense burn – it is recommended for applications where the burning time will be around 2 hours. “Hendi” brand burning gel is recommended when over 3 hours of heating will be required.
All Hendi and Blaze burning gel burns soot and odour free.
Cartouches and cans without special fuel holders become very hot during use, thus creating a significant risk of burns if they are not placed inside a fuel holder. Danger of burns!
These fuel holders are both included with Hendi chafing dishes and separately available.
Always read the instructions on the product before use.
Make sure there are no open flames or hot objects nearby when working with burning gel. The flammable vapour easily escapes the container.
Make sure no (condensation) water drips into the burning fuel. It can cause dangerous sputtering and splashing of fuel.
Only light the fuel after the cans inside the fuel holders have been placed in the final location.
The flames are almost entirely blue, making them very hard to see in light. Caution is advised.
Only ever extinguish the fuel by closing the lid of the fuel holder.
Refilling: Always make sure the can and its holder have completely cooled down. Remove the can from the holder to refill the can.
Storage: Always store in closed containers in a dark, well ventilated location, below 20°C. For storing larger amounts of fuel please consult your local regulations.
If the instructions above are followed, the risk of accidents will be minimal.
In case of a starting/small fire: use a fire blanket (or a large, wet blanket) to cover the fire and deprive it of oxygen.
In case of fire on clothes/body: use a fire blanket or a powder/CO2 fire extinguisher. Never try to extinguish the fire with a small towel as this would only spread the fuel and the flames!
After extinguishing the fire keep the body cool for 15 minutes or until medical assistance arrives. Leave clothes in place. Always seek medical assistance immediately.
Bottle 1 liter
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